Lubricate your rubiks cube

A good speed cube must turn well and it must be tensioned correctly. In this article we are going to talk about how to lubricate the Rubik's Cube using silicon spray. Vintage Cube Lube brochure. The coupon expired in ! The main reasons I prefer silicone is because vaselline dissolves the plastic and silicone evaporates when it's sprayed on something, leaving a nice smooth surface so you can take apart your puzzle without getting all messy.

lubricate your rubiks cube

If your cube has been previously lubricated with vaseline you must clean it first, so you'll have to take the Rubik's Cube fully apart. You might notice your fingers getting black while doing the process. Wipe clean every piece using a dry paper towel. Use soapy water to get rid of all remaining petroleum jelly and rinse it with clean water.

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Take care not to drain your small pieces. Use a towel to drip off the water. Even if your cube is clean and hasn't been lubricated with vaseline before I would recommend taking it fully apart to daub it.

That's because if you try to save time and you just pop one edge piece out and spray in the core the pieces will start to glue together because the joined pieces prevent the silicone to evaporate properly. Avoid eye contact and breathing the fumes in. Don't forget to read the user's manual of your silicone spray and use it as required! Position all pieces on an old newspaper the stickers facing down and swipe through them with your silicon spray. Turn the edge cubelets around to treat both sliding surfaces.

Don't forget the core piece either. When all done you just have to put it back together read here how to put the Rubik's Cube back together.We all love our cubes. Some methods are easier, and some are a bit difficult. More than anything else, it demands a fast cube. How to have that cube fast again? First of all, you need aproper screwdriver. Do not take any kind of a screwdriver. Use the one with a flat end, and be careful with it.

lubricate your rubiks cube

You can damage the cube if you use a too big screwdriver. Therefore, use an average one and operate carefully. The second important thing you need here is a lubricant.

We usually use a can of silicone oil, but there are also other alternatives like vegetable oil or a lubricant for plastic. No matter the choice, this product must be quality enough to lubricate the cube adequately, without damaging the important parts.

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Now, get set and follow these steps below. Turn the upper row to the degree angle and prepare to take out one small cube after another. You'll take out a cube in the middle of the front row while taking care not to damage the mechanism inside.

Use the screwdriver and push the tension from the inside out. A single cube should fall out. That's the time to go further and take out all other cubes. One by one, you'll see how they fall off from the base, and once you are close to seeing the entire base, you'll be able to see the mechanism inside. It is a corner-oriented mechanism with a few simple rules. Each corner is dedicated to one side of the cube, and that's where the magic happens.

You are able to use the cube the way you want— thanks to this mechanism. Take a lubricant and a soft tissue, and wipe all the areas around the basic mechanism, as well as all the sides of each small cube. This kind of lubrication will increase the speed of the cube, which is the first rule to effective solving of the cube.

The faster the cube is, the better you solve it.Your magic cube hast to turn fast. But after a while this will change. Here you will learn how to lubricate your magic cube.

First you need to rotate one layer of the cube by 45 degree. Then you can remove the edge cubes. The first cubes will be hard to remove but the rest is easy. Now it is possible to clean the little cubes. Just use a bit of water and a cloth. Take care that the little cubes are dry before you reassemble the Magic Cube. The reassembly is easy — just make sure, that the cube is in a solved state, otherwise the Magic Cube could be unsolvable afterwords. You can now use silicone lubricant to make the Magic Cube rotate smooth and fast.

Just rotate a layer by 45 degree again and spray inside the cube. The following high quality spray is the best for your Magic Cube. The Best Speedcubes. Speedcubes are made for fast and precise movements and will make your new record time possible.

Top Rated Magic Cubes.

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Typical 3x3x3 magic cubes are still different in quality. Find the perfect cube here. Looking for something special? Here are a few individual Magic Cubes for beginners and pros. Der eingeblendete Hinweis Banner dient dieser Informationspflicht. Eine Anleitung zum Blockieren von Cookies finden Sie hier.Petroleum Jelly has oil distillates so it will seem to help the movement of your cube in the beginning, but in the end will cause your cube to become even stiffer than it was before.

If you have already applied Petroleum Jelly to your cube, it is recommended that you remove it as soon as possible using water or buy a new cube.

lubricate your rubiks cube

This article will show you several ways to do it. If you cannot do this by yourself, take a wedge ex. Once you have removed the cubie, you should see the inside of your cube. Take your silicone spray straw and insert it into the silicone spray can. This is so that you can actually spray the silicone spray accurately into the cube. Shake your silicone spray and point your silicone spray straw into the cube, then spray away. Silicone spray usually dries quickly.

This is to get the silicone spray all around the cube. Shake your silicone spray, and take the straw and insert it into the can. Spray the silicone into the corner cubie the underside. Turn your cube over to let the silicone trickle down the cube and then turn your cube on each side multiple times. Recommended : Method 3 : Comprehensive Spray Estimated time: minutes. The following method is widely used for cubers who like to have evenly lubricated cubes. Although it may take a little longer than the other methods, it is well worth it.

Once you have removed the first cubie, start turning your cube. The remaining pieces should fall out. Place your core center of the cube with the 6 centers attache aside. Shake your silicone spray, remove the straw if it is on the can, and then spray quickly down your lines of cubies…then back.

Once you have finished your first side of each cubie, wait for the silicone to dry minutes and turn each cubie over to another side. Take your silicone spray, shake it, and once again spray quickly down and back on your lines of cubies. If you have followed the steps correctly, this should be the last side on each cubie. Wait for your cubies to dry, leave the cubies out for a little longer and then reassemble your cube.

In order to reassemble your cube, first make one bottom layer, then fit the middle layer before completing the top layer. Lubricating your cube will have a noticable effect usually after a little playing around with your cube.

If done correctly, a lubricated cube can trim your times down at least five seconds. Your email address will not be published. Being extremely addicting and loads of fun, people often wonder about methods to make their cubes turn faster.

Before jumping into the procedures, some guidelines must be set: 1. Now that the guidelines have been covered, we can move on to the actual procedures. Method 1 : Simple Spray Estimated time: minutes 1. Follow the step mentioned above. Method 2 : Cubie Dowse Estimated time: minutes 1.Being able to solve a Rubik's cube is pretty cool.

World Class Speedcubers average around seconds these days. But speed does not only depend on fast fingers and brain power. You need a good cube.

In this instructable, I will show you how to keep your cube turning at high speeds. Things you'll need: 1 Rubik's cube 1 screw driver optional 2 tissues 1 can of Silicon oil. If you are using a store bought cube it is probably really tight.

lubricate your rubiks cube

The tighter the cube is, the harder it will be to get it apart. Turn on side of the cube 45 degrees and pry one if the edge pieces off with the screwdriver.

If you have a DIY cube with adjustable spring tension you can probably just use your thumb. After removing the edge take all of the pieces off and make a nice little pile.

If you haven't noticed yet, the pieces are covered with a thin gray residue. This build up makes the cube feel bad to turn and reduces overall speed. Using the tissues rub the residue off of each part. Make sure you get the undersides of the center pieces. Assembling a Rubik's cube is not very hard to do. Start off by putting in all of the white edge pieces making sure that the second color matches up. Then place the white corners in next to them.

Again making sure that the surrounding colors match Put in the edges around the equator of the cube. For the last 3rd put the remaining pieces in except one edge. To put the final edge in turn the layer 45 degrees and wedge one side under the center piece. Then press down and inward towards the center of the cube. You have just cleaned your Rubik's cube. You should have already noticed that the cube has a slightly different feel to turning it. It might be easier to turn at this point but we are not finished yet!

Reply 4 years ago. Just so you know you have to "break in" your cube so it will work. You just can't put it on as soon as you get it. You have to solve it five or six times before lubricating it. Reply 3 years ago.

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Clean and Lubricate Rubiks Cube

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How to Lubricate a Rubik’s Cube

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